Side menu items only work on 2nd take

What I did: trying to mark a line with use of the side menu to turn to a heading.

What happened:
marking as header, setting a reminder never works the first attempt, only works the second time.

What I expected:
in all the version before one click and e.g. a line is marked header.

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):
latest, mac os lates.

Can you explain that a little more? Do you mean the popover panel that appears when you click the small dot to the left of the selected paragraph?

Yes, the pop over menu to the left. When trying activating it and trying to select a feature it is unresponsive and you must repeart the process to get it to work. I have two MBP both running 13.3.1 (22E261) with Agenda 17.0.2 (271) but one mac works perfectly and the other is exhibiting this issue.

Update: When I logged out of Agenda on the effected machine and then logged by in, the pop-up menu seems be working. Will do more testing and confirm if this completely resolved the issue.

Very odd but happy to hear it seems to work again, let us know if it occurs again.

sorry, just to clerify it’s not solved! how can i uploaded a video for you so that you see the problem. it’s very anoying. as it affects every third move in agenda.

[video removed]

Ah I see now, it’s when you want to turn an already active style off, we’ll take a look.

thank you in advance!
please delete the video i uploaded! because in the hurry, i overlooked that some text is there that is copyrigthed. thank you!

I edited the post to remove the video.

thank you very much drew!


Hi Oliver, do you still see this issue? And if so, could you email the movie (or a new movie) again to