Showing you some love + question about 'reminders'

Hi - I love what you’ve done. I love the way this app feels to use. It’s clearly a labour of love.

Agenda doesn’t quite fit my needs yet (it won’t until there’s an iOS app and reminders integration - please see below) - but I want to show my support & faith, so I’ve paid for premium access now.

I’d like to ask, do you have any idea when you might allow “reminders” to be the calendar selected for items?

I’m one of those people who does not use a calendar for project deadlines (or even “pay my gas bill”-type projects). To me, reminders is the app for that. So any task with a deadline always gets added to reminders. If a deadline is related to a meeting (say, “create report for last quarter for presentation at quarterly meeting”), my calendar is used to schedule the meeting while the reminders app is used to keep an alarm set for tasks. “Tasks” are separated from “events”.

That means Agenda will only reach its full potential for me when I can add reminder events rather than just calendar events.

Are you able to give any indication at all of how far down the list this is, and how long we might have to wait? I fully accept that you won’t want to give away much information - I guess I’m asking you to throw me a bone :slight_smile:

I definitely need an iOS app because I’m very mobile in my work. I expect it to be a paid app, but what I’d like to see is for there to be some kind of “bundling” - pay an extra £X to get premium access to both apps. Anything but a forced subscription model!

Thanks for putting so much thought into this app. It’s brilliant, and it feels great to use.


Thanks for the encouragement. We really appreciate it!

Reminder integration is a high priority for us. We have some big ticket items to do, like inline images, but after that, I think we will get to reminders. We have wanted it from day 1.

iOS app is very close now.



I am one of the many fans you have accumulated in a short time. Agenda is going to be a big part of my day and will make me seem like a much smarter and organized person. Thank you !

Like the @tonyc above, I too would love integration with Reminders and, of course, attacments and inline images. All of these I know you are working on.

But love and appreciatiation don’t pay the bills, so I’m plunking the first of my $25 annual subscription fees right now :smile:

thank you


+1 for reminders integration. Ideally, bidirectional like Curio. Create a reminder in Agenda. Mark it complete in the Reminders app, and the checkbox in Agenda becomes checked.


Thank you! Just starting to adopt agenda and I’m definitely loving it so far especially with the calendar integration. :slight_smile:

@drewmccormack Can’t wait for a reminders integration. Is there any planning for IFTTT integration? I use android on my phone and for my GTD i fully utilise Todoist. Would be nice to get todoist integrations with tools like IFTTT. :smiley:

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Not immediately. We will be targeting the standard apple apps like Contacts and Reminders first. Maybe later…


Yes - looking forward to this. When I made the purchase, I thought that it was already a feature within Agenda. The way I’m using it, Agenda is my daily note taking app, which will have to-dos (check boxes) stitched within it. Having these “to-dos” sync with my calendar (simlar to the way wunderlist would) is the holy grail. Hope it comes together!

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Bravo! Just can’t wait the integration comes along ASAP. keep on your great work!


Hi - is there any update about this at all? I have to be honest, I’ve almost completely stopped using Agenda because of the lack of reminders integration - the type of work I do tends towards reminders and not explicit calendar events. I feel disheartened when I see other smaller features being added but no progress on reminders; I understand that you have to prioritise and that I might just end up left behind. Please give me some good news :slight_smile:

In all honesty, I don’t know whether this is a major engineering task or just a switch than can be flicked - I appreciate that it might be a lot of work and might take a long time. I’d love some better news though!


Still on the list, but no ETA I’m afraid. We hope to get at it somewhere in 2019, our focus is first on images and attachments, which is almost done.


Here it is 2021. Have you integrated Reminders yet. I’m about o put the app down for this reason.

Dr. Siddons

Most certainly, we added reminders integration back in June 2019, you find all the details here: Dates, Events, and Reminders

Can this feature be accessed in iOS apps? Or is this a Mac version only feature?

Also, why are the reminder items titled “Show what is On the Agenda”?

Yes, everything is available on Mac, iOS and iPadOS alike.

Also, why are the reminder items titled “Show what is On the Agenda”?

Not sure what you mean, can you share a screenshot of what you describe?

Kevin Siddons, Ed.D.
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Can you make a screenrecording showing how you create these?

Ah, I see already, yes that’s not how you should create reminders. Instead you should use the instructions I sent earlier