Showing Images Full Width

Loving Agenda for strategic planning, so this is a minor niggle — is there anyway to make full-width images actually the full width of the note?

They should be full width, as in, as wide as the text. Are you seeing cases where that isn’t true?

There is a bug I am aware of which we plan to address, where images are showing at half size. Could that be what you are seeing?

Yes. It seems pretty hit and miss to be honest, especially if I place one image after the other.

A fit-to-width option would be incredibly useful (aesthetically)

There is currently a bug that causes things to be half size. If we fix this issue, are you content? Or is there something else I am missing?

Generally images should be as wide as the text itself, although we do have a limit on height as well, so that a very tall image doesn’t take up ridiculous space.


I would be very happy if the images fit to the width of the note, if that’s what you mean by being the same size as the text.

I have some images that seem to be “full-width”, as in if they are 400px wide in photoshop, they are 400px wide in Agenda although still not the full width of the text (which is what I meant as fit-to-width).

Images do respect their natural size, so they will not be “blown up”. We don’t want them to be blurry. So if a image is created that is 400 points on the screen, we won’t allow it to get bigger than that.

Images that are bigger may be reduced to fit. We make it fit with whatever width the text is, because it would look silly if the image went outside the text boundaries.

As I mentioned earlier, there is currently a bug that can cause images to be reduced to half their size. We will fix that.


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