Showing full email addresses of the participants of an event in notes


When I add a new note linked to an event, is there a way to force Agenda to show the full email addresses in addition to the names of all the participants?


Hi Florian, not at the moment alas, something we hope to make possible in the future.

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Thank you Alex

Hi @mekentosj,

I would like to expand a bit more on additional features I would like to have in Agenda.

I receive invitations to meetings with more than 100 participants. When I create a new note linked to such events, I get many lines with sometimes names, sometimes emails of all the participants.

  • Consistent display of names or email addresses or both (Agenda settings)
  • Show participants in different colours: green (accepted event), red (declined event), blue (tentative attendance)
  • Add a tick box for each participant to confirm their attendance at the event (manual process during the event, for now I highlight the participants in bold)
  • Hide/Show participants in the linked note (important when you have many participants)


Hi Florian, we’ve noted your suggestions. These will probably be addressed as part of a next update where we’d like to focus on contact integration. To the extent of which we can implement all of these depends on what Apple allows us to do as well.