Show upcoming due dates for a project

Would it be possible to show the upcoming due dates for a project?

What would be nice is to show a graphical time line.

What exactly do you mean by “due dates”?

The dates on the notes are not necessarily due dates. They are intended to be more like “relevance” dates. Eg. If I go to a conference, I might put the dates of the conference on the notes. It isn’t a due date as such.

You can have due dates inside a note, in the form of #due tags, but not sure how that would work in a graphical time line.

If you can give examples of other apps doing what you want, maybe that will help us understand the feature.

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Ok, maybe not necessary due dates. If we were to add dates to some notes for a project, is there any way to quickly view those events on the timeline? Right now, I have to go searching through the calendar to find dates for milestones when things are supposed to be completed in the project.

Not at the moment, we’ll think about something like that.