Show the note "date created"

For me, having the ability to see what date the note was created would be useful. Perhaps in the right pane?

Not a deal breaker, just a nice to have.


We’ve seen this been asked for a few times, we’ll think about making this “metadata” presented in some way. Thanks for the feedback.

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I’m using a work around for now.
I use text expander to drop the following in the first line of each note when code typed:
SDS: %snippet: mydate%|%snippet: mytime%
this results in:
SDS: 20180629|225151
I use this system across all parts of my “Schedule-Diary-[notes]_System” … copy/paste from one app to another allows me to track between otherwise unconnected apps. in long docs I will embed at critical points so I have a “finer grained” universal index.
This is simpler (and more fine grained in single user system) that the complex UUID approach.

Of course I much prefer a well defined URL scheme (with x-callback functionality) but find the process described above as a useful hack.


I’d like to renew this for a request - love the app and could COMPLETELY replace my paper if I had more control over a “Header Block” with date, time, weather, start and end times…or better yet, the ability to WYSISYG the Header with whatever fields wanted based on the users - use- of the agenda app.

Great app, keep it coming!


Ps - if I’ve missed something and it’s available now…d’oh, and how?

How about making it an option, defaulting to off?

This would please both camps.

I would love this feature as well. I would certainly help when trying to keep track of things overall and time frames. when you need this for history or tracking any type of trend for reference or analysis. Of course you should have the option to make it on by default or not, However I believe this flexibility should be extend even further. Ideally, I would like the option to be very fine grained. Have it for the most general level to the most detailed level. At the very least I think you should be able to have it as an option for the project level, having any notes created within it automatically dated. while this option is on (your choice to also include the option to show the date or not too [most preferable is to show it]). I think this could easily be extended to the higher levels (category or everything). I think including the most detail level (before or after any line and/or before or after an item or token) would just further enrich this very awesome program.

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