Show tasks on lock screen?

I’m still finding my way around, so please forgive me if I’m posting this in the wrong place or duplicating something someone else already said!

This is my first full day of using Agenda & I’m totally blown away with what it can do. However, I’m wondering if it would be possible at some point to show my to-dos in an iOS widget or as a reminder on my lock screen as an optional alternative to putting them on my calendar, so that I can keep that free for appointments without cluttering it up with things that I would like to do today but are not time-critical, please?

Thank you :blush:


This would bring Agenda more in the todo area, perhaps down the line, but not in the immediate near future I’m afraid.

No problem - as I’m getting more experienced in using Agenda I’m finding that it’s not as big a problem as I’d thought at first it might be :blush: