Show reminders without due date

I wish it was possible to see your lists that haven’t got tasks with due date.
For example, right now while planning my day ahead, I thought I could watch a movie. I keep my movies in reminders lists… it would be easier if I could access these movies that are without a due date and drag them as a task automatically, while also setting a note for it.

We have considered this but how would they represented in Agenda? Would they simply all show all the time in “Today” in the calendar for example? And wouldn’t that be rendering it completely ineffective if you have dozens of reminders?

There could be an option at the right panel to show all your lists. You could also choose what list you want to see. There, you could assign a date to your tasks, create new tasks and link it to a note.
During the day, I just throw all my stuff in the Inbox list to organize the day ahead later. At least for me it is very important to be able to see that inbox and I wish I could do it all within Agenda. Currently I’m using Goodtask for this, and it is pretty awesome in terms of features for ideas and tasks capturing, but to visualize and plan my day, I’d rather do it in Agenda.

Thanks for the suggestion, we’ll take it on board!

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Just a quick addendum, I believe a simple way to already help quite a lot would be to add reminders set to a specific date, but without a specific time, to show in the corresponding day list. This would already help me a lot! Thanks in advance for listening to the community, that’s only one of the reasons why I chose Agenda

Reminders with a due date, even without a specific time should already appear on the respective day, it’s only reminders without any date that are currently not shown.

Hi! I’d be interested in something along these lines as well. I used reminders as my catch all hub/dump for task big and small (and generally don’t set a day until I prioritize them).

I’d love to be able to pull them into agenda when writing a note. A work-around for the issue could possibly be \reminder > picker nav shows a list of reminders from a specific list (for me this would be Inbox). Then I am able to integrate and take action. Once checked, that’s reflected in reminders, so it’s not two places to manage.

Thank you for the thought and care put into this app!

Cheers, good suggestions, we’ll give it a thought!

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As a quick followup, it would be amazing to be able to drag scheduled Reminders that show up in the sidebar onto an active note!

If the cursor is blinking inside a note you should be already able to exactly that :grinning:

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Amazing - thank you! I was trying on iOS. Could be super cool if the title of the reminder was copied in with the icon.

Thanks so much!

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