Show Reminder Title and Date in Note

Currently if I drag a Reminder from the Calendar panel into Note, it simply shows a Reminder icon. This means I have to type the title of the reminder again, and to see the due date, I have to click the icon.

It would be great if dragging would bring the title of the reminder into the note, and show the due date.

Why this matters to me - I need a visual overview of the dates of workshops I’m organising, podcast episodes and newsletters I’m publishing. I’ve tried keeping it all in Agenda using a table, but it’s clunky and I can’t link to relevant notes in a table.

I’ve set up a calender set in Fantastical to show only my workshops (as calendar events with links to the relevant Agenda project) and publication dates (as reminders with links to the relevant Agenda note).

This allows me to plan and revise my events and publication schedule by dragging events and reminders around the calendar.

But when I’m working in Agedna, and go to the Note for a publication, I only see the reminder icon, and have to click to reveal the date.

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Thanks for the feedback! We’ll take it on board.

I think the reason the title is not shown is that we quite intentionally originally set the title from the text that you added the reminder to. This is convenient, and also means reminders don’t need to take up more space in the app.

I’m not sure Agenda is really the appropriate tool for organizing something very time based. I would typically do that in the Calendar, and when I need longer form notes, I would create them in Agenda for calendar events.

You could probably do something similar in the reminders app. Make a bunch of reminders, then link them to notes. But in Reminders you lose the visual aspects of calendar, which I find better for planning.

Thanks again for the feedback. We’ll take it along.

Hi Drew

Thanks for your reply. I agree with your quote above - I think you misunderstood what I’m trying to do, I probably wasn’t clear.

So I’ll try again:

I’m using dated reminders and setting up my calendar so these show in my calendar along with events. I’m using dated reminders for publication deadlines because they are generally scheduled in my newsletter software - I might write the newsletter much sooner. For actual workshops I will be leading, I use events.

This means I can visually plan events and key deadlines in Calendar. Good!

The problem is getting those deadlines into Notes in Agenda.

Say I have a note for a newsletter on topic X with a list of content ideas. I have the note open, I can see upcoming publication deadlines in the calendar panel (as Reminders). The reminder text will be something like “Publish Newsletter”.

I decide to choose this newsletter on one of those deadline dates. I want to add that deadline date to the note, so I can see the deadline in the note. The easiest thing to do is drag the reminder into the note.

The good thing about this is that if I decide to reschedule publication, I can change the date in the reminder, either in the Agenda note, the Calendar or Reminders - and the date is updated in all these places.

I would be helpful if dragging the reminder brought the title of the reminder into the Note. Currently I have to re-type “Publication Deadline”. Not a big deal, but annoying when I’m doing a lot of planning.

In summary, I think I’ve found a great way to plan visually in Fantastical using both Calendar Events and Reminders, where changes there are reflected in Agenda where I do the actual work.

Just one tweak would make it slicker!

I dragged a reminder into a note, and the title is the same as in the Reminders app.

Do you mean you want the text also inserted into Agenda as the list item, or similar?