Show random note for serendipity reasons


I was looking for a possibility to show a random note (maybe including archived notes) for serendipity reasons. Sometimes the real worth of some notes are generated long after their creation date. The “note of the day” ability is something that comes near my needs. A random note to review.
I tried the search bar and the Shortcut syntax, but I did not find a way to show a random note.

Is there a plan to include some syntax for that or do you see any workaround?

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How about using random date generator or similar to obtain a date. Use the result to build a search.

Nice idea, but this method is not as usable as I expect xD

I could roll dice or open a project blindfolded, or hit random keys on my keyboard in the search bar.

I initially thought about a specific button, but some new search syntax like random seems to be more realistic than a specific button.

Not sure it’s something many people would use to be honest, certainly not justifying a specific button in that respect, but we’ll see if we can think of something more subtle.

It is indeed a bit of a niche feature. I think your best bet would be to go to the Shortcuts section of the community, and ask how you might put together a shortcut to do this. It may be possible to setup a shortcut that randomly adds a tag to a note, and you could have a saved search for that tag. Selecting that overview would show your random note.

It is definitely a niche feature!
I will have a look at Shortcuts again. Maybe some tweaking allows me to enable this function. But, if there is any free time and you got no idea what new feature could be implemented :slight_smile:
Dibs ! xD

That’s very rare :slight_smile: But I’ll keep it mind.