"Show Projects Sidebar" keyboard shortcut opens a cascade of windows

What I did:

I use the ⌥⌘S keyboard short cut to hide and show the project sidebar frequently. Using it to hide the sidebar still works as before, but using it to show has an unexpected side-effect.

What happened:

In addition to showing the sidebar again, Agenda also opened a separate window for each project and each overview. This only happens when using the keyboard shortcut, and not when using the View | Show Projects Sidebar menu action.

What I expected:

I expected the sidebar to become visible again, and nothing else.

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):

This started happening after upgrading to Agenda 17. Running on macOS Monterey, latest version.

This is indeed a nasty issue that happens with any keyboard shortcut that includes the alt/option key being held and that refreshes the view. Unfortunately we missed it during beta testing. I’ve fixed it yesterday and we hope to push out an update soon. Thanks for reporting the issue!

Update: This issue should be fixed in the 17.0.1 update


Confirming that it is indeed fixed for me. Thank you!

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