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first of all - thank you. Agenda looks like an amazing product to be. I tried to find the request I have in the forum but was not successful. In case this is a double post - my apologies.

While syncing with Agenda it seems that all my calendars are synced. I have for example calendars from my co-workers to check on their availability but wouldn’t like to see them when planning my day or generally working with such a tool like Agenda. Is there an option to change the visibility of calendars? Show only XYZ calendars? My calendar view gets heavily fragmented by all these “foreign” calendars.

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the classic - the moment you hit send you stumble upon the answer to your question.

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This is a common request, and we will do our best to address it promptly.

Thanks for the feedback!

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Update: today’s 2.0 update also allows you to hide calendars you don’t need (requires premium features).


Hi! How do I link a new calendar to this?

I bought premium, and it seems to automatically link with my personal iCloud-calendar, but I struggle to find a way to link any other calendar with the Agenda. This would be much more useful tool if I was able to link with other calendars, for instance the google-calendar that is used more commonly.

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Agenda sees the same calendars as the You will need to configure the calendars you want to use under the Internet Accounts tab in the System Preferences so they show up in both Calendar and Agenda.

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@paul.tiensuu Delighted to say I just stumbled on this, after totally misunderstanding how to link my calendars (!), so I now have items input to my Google Calendar available to link up with Agenda. All I need now for organizing bliss is to get the hang of transferring tasks that I’ve identified in my Agenda projects directly to 2do, but copy/pasting works OK, even if it’s slightly cumbersome :smile:

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Thanks! I actually found the answer in a reply to another, similar question here and already managed to connect this with my google calendar this morning. Works great!


Yay!! Great feeling when you find the answer that unlocks a feature that you didn’t have before :smile: