Show in BusyCal for Reminders

The “Show in Reminders” for reminders/to-dos in the right pane (those that show up, that is) could have “Show in BusyCal”, since many people use that instead of the stock Apple Reminders app?

The problem there is that there is also Things, OmniFocus, Todoist, Fantastical etc. Once you start down that path, it is never ending.

We have chosen to support the system storage. Other apps can also support that storage, and that way the apps can all work together without having to do anything special.
Hope that explains our position. Thanks for the feedback!


Well, alternatively, then, a preference to specify your default reminders/to-dos app, which defaults if unspecified to the Apple app.

I don’t think it is that easy, I’m afraid. The reminders that appear on the right are taken from the Reminders app. Opening in any other app won’t work, because those reminders are not in that app.

Supporting other reminder-type apps would mean completely replacing all the reminders stuff.

I just meant to open in other apps which also draw on the same data in Reminders app. For instance BusyCal shows the iCloud reminders/to-dos that are in the Apple Reminders app. I use BusyCal because I can see calendar events and reminders together, which is more logical for me (as it is indeed in Agenda). It’s like in macOS you can specify a default calendar app; similarly I think of specifying a default reminders app.

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Hmm, we can see if that is possible. I have a bad feeling it probably isn’t. The default calendar app is handled by the system itself, so it can choose which app to open. I’m not sure if we can come up with a way to open BusyCal, even through the underlying data is shared. We’ll think about it. Thanks!

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BusyCal does provide URL handlers, so here’s hoping.

I wasn’t aware BusyCal could also do reminders, so that certainly makes it an option. Question is though, is it possible to set BusyCal as your default reminders app on your Mac (instead of the Reminders app), and if so, how?

I use BusyCal and tested a little bit.
I created one test event and one test reminder in BusyCal and via Drag&Drop I created two ics files on the desktop (test.ics for the event and ttgtgt.ics for a reminder. Both are ics files but one has the calender icon and the other a reminder/todo icon. Doubleclicking to open both „documents“ open BusyCal (as my default calendar app) and add an event and add the Todo/remnider. The Apple Reminders app gets the new reminder.
I guess you know how to change the default app for the calendar (events and also, it seems to me, reminders):
Here both ics files: (1,8 KB)
Bildschirmfoto 2020-05-24 um 23.10.59

Yeah, events and contacts you can set a default app for on mac, not sure you can for reminders.

Yes. Try it the files I have attached to the last message. A reminder (created in BusyCal) is a ICS file and opens in the default calendar app, connected to reminders
Look at the icon of the ttgtgt,ics file, different to the calendar icon.

But how/where do you define the default reminders app for the system?

I only changed the default app for calendar events as described on the BusyCal page.
As reminders seem to be also ics files (but with a differents icons for a “ToDo” for a date) they also open in the calendar app.
If you do not use BusyCal maybe it is different.

Ok, we’ll see if we can get this to work using the ics file you mentioned.

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Good luck (but I am afraid it is not possible to send them to BusyCal).

It is with BusyCal’s URL Handler.

For instance, if I want to set myself a reminder/to-do which effectively says "Buy another iMac on June 26 at 15:30 at Apple Southgate, with the highest priority, and with the note ‘Max out the RAM’ and the URL", I’d set the URL:


If I can do that with a URL, can’t Agenda do something similar?

That’s not the issue, what we need is a way to find out what reminders app is set as the default on the system.

If I drag a reminder/to-do out of Apple’s Reminders app onto the desktop and do a “Get Info”, the default app appears to be set as BusyCal.

But there’s no ‘default reminders app’ setting in Apple’s Reminders app preferences (as there is a ‘default calendar app’ setting in Apple’s Calendar app). I’m not sure that such a setting exists in the case of reminders/to-dos (indeed there are no preferences at all).

I asked Jerry/BusyCal. He answered:

BusyCal cannot be set as a default app for your reminders. Apple needs to facilitate that for third party apps.

Yeah, I was afraid of that, that was my understanding too :frowning:

Best to file a request through Apple’s feedback app in 10.15 Catalina

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