Show due date next to reminder icon (for reminder actions)

Is is possible to show the actual date (as text) of the reminder next to the clock icon?

This would make reminder checklists so much more useful, rather than having to either look in the Reminders App or click the little icon to show the detail.

As a cleaner implementation

  • only the date may be shown (rather than date and time), also pure dates rather than ‘today, tomorrow, etc…)

Another implementation may be to insert a dated calendar icon (with the appropriate due date) instead of the clock icon… now that would be really clever !

Something similar to what Apple does for the Calendar App on iOS and macOS?

I am pretty sure this must have been requested before (along with undated reminders)…


We’ll take into consideration. We won’t use the calendar icon as that is exclusively used for calendar events and we are careful not to mix the two types of items, but we’ll think about something.