Show active formatting (macOS)

In editing text in a note, I often find my flow broken by typing some text, noticing that the formatting had been “inherited” by the previous text, selecting it the new text, resetting the formatting, and so on. Sometimes I do a type, re-edit, notice that again the formatting was applied from previous text, re-format, etc.

I’ve seen some previous topics where the idea to add a format bar for macOS was dismissed. I’d very much like that decision to be reconsidered, for the visual information it would add, not for the functionality of changing formatting.

I think the issue is more the one you start with, that you can end up with unexpected results in terms of formatting, we prefer to fix that over adding a visual indicator, which once fixed shouldn’t be really necessary in our opinion.

Update: picking up formatting when deleting text or changing selection should now be much more consistent and predictable in Agenda 14