Should following a link to an Agenda note, uncollapse that note?

(On Mac). Just followed a link from one note to another. It so happened the destination note was collapsed and adjoining notes in the project were uncollapsed. At first I couldn’t see the destination note, as I was aassuming I’d be taken to a note that was open, with the title at the top of the page. So I was scanning up and down trying to work out why the wrong note had been opened. Looking for carefully I see the destination is highlighted in pale orange.

I wonder if the current behaviour is actually the most useful and logical? If I navigate to a note, surely 9 times out of 10 I want to read the body of the note?

Making these sort of assumptions can be a bit of a risk. Collapsing is a property of the note that is persisted and synced, so changing it is probably best left to the user. We could uncollapse the note, but I can imagine someone might have a whole project of collapsed notes and note want any uncollapsed. Maybe they just want to move it.

For the time being we will leave it like this, rather than make assumptions about usage, because the results can be lasting and cross device.

Good feedback. Thanks!


Bump this topic to again request (or at least have an option) expanding notes when an agenda:// link is followed. The case I encounter where this would be useful is when I click the agenda:// link from a Reminder or Event, outside of Agenda, and agenda opens to a collapsed note. If the reminder with the link points to text embedded in the note it is not always obvious why that link is relevant.

Again – this could be optional behavior if it interferes with the overall concern expressed by staff, above.

Alas, the technical reasons outlined by @drewmccormack above still stand in the way I’m afraid.