Shortcut with Share to Agenda idea?

Would it be possible to create a shortcut to add a weblink to a new note in a specific project and use the title of the web page as the note title?

(I’m terrible with creating shortcuts, hoping someone might enjoy creating this!)

My use case is creating a reference list as part of my Zettelkasten.

Yes, this shouldn’t be too hard given that there are shortcuts already for Getting the current webpage in Safari. You can then collect the name and url of that page into variables that you can use in the new note shortcut action, with the option to either set the project to a fixed one or even have it let you pick one each time you run the shortcut. Plenty of options there.

You might even be able to use the current web page result directly without the need for the two variables but I haven’t tried that.

One word of warning though, in general the one note per url setup doesn’t really scale well if you plan to collect hundreds of URLs in a single project. In that case it’s better to use the append to note option.

Thanks for the details.

What’s problem here? I was hoping to have one note per article (also book etc, but that’s not from a webpage), with a note of key arguments etc. Not sure that would work as a long note, because I want to be able to link to the 'source note’ when I’m writing my own stuff.

I realise products like Devonthink are likely much better for this, but I’d quite like to use Agenda for everything where it makes sense.

There’s no problem per se, as long as you don’t end up with projects that have hundreds of very small notes as Agenda wasn’t really designed for that kind of 1 note equals 1 paragraph idea, performance won’t remain great if you go beyond 100 or so notes in a single project. With that caveat in mind, otherwise it’s fine to do this.

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In no way would I ever question the developer of an app, but I would like to throw out that I have a Journal category with projects setup for each year and notes for each day (entry for each day with title like 2021-12-31). I have imported notes back from before 2010 so have multiple projects/years with notes in the project totaling around 365 and have not noticed any performance issues. Based on @mekentosj comments not recommending this for others, but appears to work more than fine for me.


Ah glad to hear that, it also depends on other factors like the type of Mac you have, and whether or not the notes have a lot or little content etc. Thanks for chiming in!