Shortcut to Create A Note for Next Meeting on Calendar

The title might be misleading. I haven’t made this but would love some pointers on how i might. Here’s what I have in mind -

When the shortcut is triggered, it looks at the designated calendar for the next meeting, pulls relevant info from the meeting (date, topic, attendees), starts a new note in Agenda, adds note to a project, titles the note with the meeting subject, and adds the other info into the body of the note.

Having this as a widget on my iPad would be so great. Any idea if it’s possible?

Have you played around with the Shortcuts app? It definitely has options to retrieve events from your calendar etc. Once you have that part working some of the more experienced Shortcuts-gurus might help you convert it to Agenda notes. Unfortunately one of the things that’s not possible right now is to have the event be linked through Shortcuts to the meeting.

Also keep in mind that it wouldn’t offer a lot more than what Agenda already can do, just click the meeting you want to create a note for in the inspector on the right and select to create a new note. It will then link the event, set the title and date of the note, and import the notes of the event for you. Perhaps that’s all you need?

I wish I could share some notes with the people mentioned, and maybe they could update and integrate them with mine. it’s possible?


Do you mean having a direct conversation with @djegan97? Or are you referring to something else entirely?