Shortcut To create a linked notes to an event

What I did:
i’m trying to create a Note linked to an event with a shortcuts
I create an event and after I use the add note to create a note with the same title, in a project and linked to the same name of note / event
I have specified the same start date and end date

My Shortcut

It should be on the shared sheet

What happened:
The note is created but not linkedt to the event

What I expected:
To have the note linked to the event

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):
latest Agenda version with premium subscription, Mac OS 13.3.1, IS and Ipad os latest version


Does the shortcut also create the event (i.e. before running the shortcut the event didn’t yet exist)? If so you will need to insert a pause before the shown part of the shortcut in order for the system to sync the event to Agenda first.

Thank for the answer
Yes the shortcut create the event in the calendar
I have try to add a pause of 60 second without success

Any other idea?

Does it help if you leave the End Date parameter out and just use the date of the event?

If that doesn’t make a difference, would it help if you insert a step in which you fetch the event you just created and just store it’s title in a variable that you don’t use after that for example?