Shortcut that returns all match notes

What I did:
In the shortcut app, I’ve set:

  1. Prompt a box to input “text”
  2. Find notes which includes “text” in the title
  3. Open note in separate window

What happened:
Agenda only open one of the note from the search result.

What I expected:
Will open a window with all search result, just like searching all notes in the Agenda.

Is this achievable via Shortcut App?

The search index used to search the text can take a few seconds to update. It is not updated immediately. You may find the shortcut works if you insert a pause after the text is sent to Agenda. You may need to experiment with the length of the pause. I think 5s should work, but may be shorter.

Thanks for the reply. I tried both 5s and 10s and that doesn’t work. I’ve tested a short cut without opening the search results and it actually find entries correctly:

I just can get all those 3 notes opened in a separate window…

Hmm, odd. Perhaps it is not properly updating the index, though it is strange that it does when you go to the app yourself.

We will see if we can test it.



Thank you!

Coming back to this now and in case somebody wonders, here’s a shortcut example of how to do this:

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I tried this shortcut. But it ended with a run-through of all results, without having a list with all matched notes?

This shortcuts seems to just open the notes in Agenda, what is your objective precisely?

Hmm… it should be the same shortcut you posted above