Shortcut keys not working

  1. “New note after selected note” (control + command + n) often fails

  2. Executing “command +n” at “On the Agenda” often fails

These two problems occur intermittently, sometimes normally and sometimes abnormally

macOS 10.15.7
Agenda 14.1.1

Are you sure the right thing is selected in Agenda? Eg. To put a new note after the selected note, you need to have a note selected (and only one, I think).

I don’t think I would make such a cheap mistake :blush: , I’m sure the problem with these two shortcuts “occurs frequently”. And it did cause me some trouble.

I believe I have checked this previously and I haven’t been able to reproduce this, possibly it’s because you’re on 10.15. If you find out more on under which conditions it works and doesn’t work (like whether you have the note selected while editing or when it doesn’t have a blinking cursor) let us know!

Select the note, let the cursor blink in the note, execute ctrl + cmd +n, same failure, I tried it long ago. I now have to use “BetterAndBetter” to create a new mouse gesture to perform the menu bar “New note after selected note”

Thanks, and you are sure you don’t have another app that “steals” the shortcut installed?

I have checked and found no app that affects this shortcut key.