Shortcut change text colour

On my Mac, with Agenda 18, I cannot work out how to create a global shortcut to change text colour (using app-specific global shortcut keys in the main Setting app on the Mac).

When I attempt to do this, the text I select gets highlighted blue rather than just being given the colour blue.

Any advice is much appreciated,

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I have the same problem. Color selection is so deeply nested in the menues that it for practical work not usable to highlight here and there the color of some words.

Were you previously using this successfully?

Yes (and no!). I.e. it mostly worked previously (it changed the font colour instead of incorrectly highlighting it in the colour), but it was inconsistent - sometimes it ignored the command and you had to do the keyboard shortcut twice.

I think having to use the global keyboard shortcuts via MacOS’s settings rather than being able to do this direct in the app (with a keyboard shortcut assigned by the developers) might be part of this previous buggy behaviour.

My dream solution would be to be able to highlight some text and have the most common formatting controls: bold, italic, underline and a couple of colours, automatically display in a hover-style pop-up

You can use the formatting popover and just tear it off, that should give you pretty much the floating type popup with the most common options.

The formatting popover is still not a great solution for me - it takes up screen real estate and still takes a few clicks to get to a specific colour. I really need/want a simple keyboard shortcut - even if for just one colour! I am CONSTANTLY needing to highlight text in one colour to differentitate it from other text.

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I’m afraid this is the UI we’ll provide, it’s unlikely we’ll provide an additional UI option. Having said that, the keyboard shortcut is already there, cmd-! will highlight the text with the last color you used.

There is a bug though with the keyboard shortcut, as far as I can tell.

Please tell me, for example, what shortcut key I should use to make some selected text blue?

What shortcut key I should use to make some selected text blue?

  1. Select a piece of text
  2. Select Format > Highlight > Blue
  3. Select another piece of text
  4. Command-! (cmd-shift-1 on my keyboard in this case) should now highlight the text in blue

Yes, but that’s such a slow way to do things - I just need a single keyboard shortcut that is dedicated to that function, not having to re-do the last colour/command you issued. Feels like a bit of a long-winded work around.

Sorry if I sound ungrateful - I just think keyboard shortcuts to assign colours is a fairly common bit of functionality for text editors in general.


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Well, given this hit a bit of an impasse, seems like a good time to give a shout out to another bit of great independent software: Keyboard Maestro. I created a couple of Macros using this and in no time at all I had keyboard shortcuts for all of the colours :smiley: You have to pay, but at least a solution is possible, if anyone on this thread cares enough (might just be me!)

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I believe you should also be able to assign keyboard shortcuts directly in the macOS settings under Keyboard. Glad you at least found a solution though!