Shortcut Automation

I wrote a shortcut that pulls the nasa picture of the day and imports it to a new note. I setup a time based automation to trigger the shortcut once a day, but the automation fails when the device is locked. Is there a way to trigger note creation in the background without launching the app?

I’m not 100, but I have a feeling that this is an iOS limit on x-callback URL use.

I’ve been working around a few of these by playing with timing and triggers, like using my routine Shortcuts to also do some other stuff (because I can count on the device being unlocked and available at that moment), or tying triggers to the opening/closing of apps I know I will use at particular times/frequencies.

Sorry this isn’t super helpful as a solve, but maybe some workaround ideas?


Drafts has an import action in Shortcuts that can append or create content in the background even if the device is locked. I use this capability to import Covid stats to a static note. It would be nice to streamline auto-import capabilities in Agenda.

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I think it works because it’s a native Shortcut action, and not using x-callback.

I know what having Shortcut actions in Agenda has been discussed in the past but not sure if it’s being worked at the moment?

Not right now as in right now, but it’s definitely something we’d like to add support for.