Short cut keys to highlight text

WHAT IS the short-cut to enable highlighting text in an Agenda note?

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It’s Cmd-! (exclamation mark), on most keyboards Cmd-Shift-1.


Command exclamation mark gives me a 1
Command shift 1 gives me nothing a bried highlight of the Format drop down menu
It doesn’t go into the menu

What (language) keyboard do you use?

I"m using a Mac Book Pro in Canadian English.

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Bruce Winter

(Attachment Agenda Highlight Colour.mp4 is missing)

Hi Bruce, the attachment didn’t come through, could you send it again but to please?

When I select text and use Command Shift 1 all that happens is that the word ‘Format’ at the top of the Format menu is highlighted - the menu doesn’t drop down.

MacBook Air, UK keyboard.

As far as I can see, selecting text, using Command Shift 1 and then the right-pointing arrow - correction, any arrow will do - , highlights the text in the colour that was used last.

Ah! It is working for me - but it highlights with a default colour (that didn’t show up clearly so I didn’t notice) - I was expecting a menu to choose a colour to pop up.

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