Shift-Cmd=C not working on iPadOs with Magic Keyboard

What I did:
Pressed Shift-Cmd-C on the magic keyboard on iPadOS

What happened:

What I expected:
A checklist item should appear like it used to. This has disappeared a few versions ago. I suspect you haven’t noticed it.

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):
Latest Agenda, IOS, iPad Pro 12.9” (2018)

Thanks for reporting, we’ll check it asap.

It still works on MacOS.

By the way, the shortcut is also missing. I’m not sure if that is an automatic function on iPadOs.

Might indeed be overridden with a system wide shortcut, we’ll check

Sorry, by shortcut I meant the list of shortcuts that comes up when you hold down the Command key. I just realised that was a bit ambiguous.

I just had a look but it works on this end, what iOS version and what language keyboard are you using?

In looking for the keyboard type I decided to check the settings. I remember turning predictive text off a long time ago. I noticed that the Shortcuts switch was turned off (under All Keyboards).
I don’t remember ever turning that one off. The good news is that Shift-Cmd-C now works again. Also the shortcut is listed again when you hold down the Command key.
Interestingly, not all shortcuts are removed. There are still quite a few shortcuts available but Shift-Cmd-C is one of the ones affected by the switch. And I had to terminate Agenda and restart it for it to take effect.

Thanks for checking into this for me. Problem solved.

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Glad to hear that was it!

If I’d lost all shortcuts I may have gone looking in the settings but this one is quite sneaky.

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