Sharing/Sending agenda via email

What I did: tried to send my agend via email to others. I can’t share it at all.

What happened: received a security standard encryption (TLS) with nothing else in the body of the email

What I expected: the agenda for the meeting to be sent as it appears in Agenda.

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):OS

This sounds more like your email service removing or blocking the email. Could that be the case? Eg. at work?

It doesn’t seem like that “share note via email” is available in the iOS version (not even for a premium version). Is it❓

The Share menu in Notes in iOS is quite versatile, actually. Clicking on the Note Menu (Gear icon) allows you to send Note Text, PDF, Markdown, Plain Text, and Agenda file (not sure how to use the latter, but it works). Clicking on the desired format brings up the standard iOS chooser automatically so I can select email (rather than Message, Save to…, Copy or Files) and add address, subject and additional notations.

However… I may have a problem or bug with the iOS Share menu for Overview.

I have not been able to use the Share anything on the Overview level, such as On The Agenda, or one of my saved searches. When I click on the three dots, select Share, and then click on any format… nothing happens, even after restart. Projects work as expected.

Am I doing something wrong?

IPad Air iOS version 11.3, Agenda version 2.1.3

I just tried and it worked perfectly. Thank you.

It kept all the formatting in the email (including the Avenir typeface), which is perfect. Ironically, I can’t format an email that well in any of the email apps in iOS.


Looks like that is a bug. Will look into it.

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It is a while back now, but I have a fix for this issue where you can’t share overviews. It will be in the next update, which is due in the coming days.

Congratulations! The update is HERE! I’m so very excited. Well done everyone! Goody goody [rubs hands together at prospect of downloading the new version when I get home],