Sharing Projects within a category


I have a Category titled “Clients” and individual Projects for each Client. For example, one is “Bank of America,” another is “United Airlines,” etcetera.

A business partner is starting to create a Word document (I know, not very efficient) where he too is beginning to keep track of our joint Clients. He asked me if I can share my notes on each Client. I am hoping to do one of the following, in order of preference:

  1. Give him Access to my instance of Agenda, however I don’t think this is possible as there is no web browser version where I could allow him to see my Client notes. I am in Security and I know sharing a username & password is a gross violation, but there is nothing personal or confidential as he is on all of these calls as well.

  2. Export all of my Client Projects at one time, into a Word doc so he can use my extensive notes as a starting point for his Word doc of notes

  3. Export them all at one time to a PDF

  4. Manually highlight each note, copy, then paste into a Word doc

I really want to avoid option 4 as I have 70 Client Projects.



Sorry for the very late reply to this.

We are working on collaboration features at this moment, and expect them to appear during the coming few months. If you can wait, that might be an option. To be clear, this will allow two Agenda users to collaborate on an Agenda note (not project).

Re: export options. It should be possible to select a single Agenda project, and export that as PDF/Rich text (useful in Word). To do that, select the project on Mac, and choose File > Export > [Format you wish]

You can also select multiple projects (hold cmd to select them as you click), and export those. This doesn’t include the project title though, so you might be better exporting each project individually.

Hope one of those options helps, and that the collaboration option is useful in future.

Kind regards,