Sharing Projects within a category


I have a Category titled “Clients” and individual Projects for each Client. For example, one is “Bank of America,” another is “United Airlines,” etcetera.

A business partner is starting to create a Word document (I know, not very efficient) where he too is beginning to keep track of our joint Clients. He asked me if I can share my notes on each Client. I am hoping to do one of the following, in order of preference:

  1. Give him Access to my instance of Agenda, however I don’t think this is possible as there is no web browser version where I could allow him to see my Client notes. I am in Security and I know sharing a username & password is a gross violation, but there is nothing personal or confidential as he is on all of these calls as well.

  2. Export all of my Client Projects at one time, into a Word doc so he can use my extensive notes as a starting point for his Word doc of notes

  3. Export them all at one time to a PDF

  4. Manually highlight each note, copy, then paste into a Word doc

I really want to avoid option 4 as I have 70 Client Projects.