Sharing Notes with Team

How to share Private / Work Notes with team-members using Agenda app?

Is there a feature like this already?
If not then could we have this in upcoming updates, please?

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It’s a good request, and we would love to have it, but it is a very big task. Building a sharing component similar to Slack is not easy. We have plans, but that are longer term, I’m afraid.

What you can do is share by exporting notes and projects, and sending them or sharing via What’s app. Your team members can import them into their Agenda. It is not live collaboration, but you can at least get the meeting notes to everyone or whatever it is you are sharing.

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Recall the idea of sharing a single iCloud account for Agenda collaboration?? I never got around to trying this, and hoping maybe the new iCloud folder sharing will crack this nut??

Unfortunately, no. Agenda is not using iCloud file sync at all. We use the CloudKit technology, which is separate to that.