Sharing notes - Live Editing - Glitching

What I did: Myself and coworkers share notes between only two people.

What happened: (For both parties) Note becomes difficult to edit. Words and sentences disappear

What I expected: Note is editable and only when I / they choose to delete it should delete

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):
•Me - Mac Studio m2
•Them - Mac Book Pros (2015 and 2017) i5 - i7

This has rendered it tough to edit or use Agenda as a team. All else we love the app.

Agenda version

18.0 (279) for me

18.0.1 for coworker

There is certainly a little delay between syncing up the notes of the various people. It is not a real-time edit in that sense.

It is worrying that you see text disappear. I would expect that to happen only when someone deletes it.

Can you perhaps give an example? Is it possible even make a movie showing this happening, or is it difficult to make happen?

If you do find a way to make it happen every time, it would help a lot tracking down the issue.

Sienna and Alex,

Could you please provide Drew with video of Agenda text entry where text disappears and the other problems we are seeing in the app with sync? This will help the developers and ultimately us resolve the problem. Links to the videos in Dropbox will work just fine. If you have problems please let me know.

Thank you,

If there is a way you have found to trigger this issue, it could be very useful.

For example, is it when two people edit the same line at the same time? Is it when someone joins the meeting late? That type of thing.