Sharing - next steps! Or shortcut?

Only had a quick play but the sharing looks great for many uses.

Unfortunately doesn’t do what I was hoping! I want to share a webpage to Agenda and:

  • create a new note [EDIT: Thanks for comments below pointing out this is currently a feature - I hadn’t scrolled far enough!]
  • paste the title of page into the title of the note
  • add the title and URL into the body

I’m using Agenda to create a list of articles I’ve read with notes. When I come across a useful article I want to send in straight to my in box rather than sending to Pocket as I used to do. Later I’ll go to the note in the in box, open the web page, position Agenda and Safari side by side on my iPad, read the article in Safari and make notes in Agenda.

As a work around I’ve created a note called “unread articles” and will just share the l links there.

EDIT: Just realised that the one improvement that would really help here is to be able to create a new note with the sharing extension.

If any Shortcut expert fancies having a go, my ideal (though probably unrealistic!) would be to end up with a note link this:

  • Title: AuthorSurname (Year) article title
  • Body: Author full name; article title; day month year

Dates should be date of publication not of copying!

Wish I could make shortcuts, I don’t think my ideas of logic is compatible!


I’m going to go out on a very thin limb here, but from what little I know of Shortcuts, at least 99.9% of what you want can be done using Shortcuts, maybe even 100%. I’ve been experimenting. With my limited knowledge and experience, I can get Shortcuts (and Agenda) to do almost everything your asking. Just NOT in all one motion/action. Currently, I’m not aware of a method for Agenda to automatically insert a date based Title (Kettelkasten) without using the ‘call-back URL’ method.

So right now, I have a Shortcut that when run from the Widget in my iPad Homepage-

  • creates a new Note
  • in the Catagory - Kettelkasten,
  • within the Project “Kettels”
  • with a Title: 20200525174520 (e.g.YYYYMMDDhhmmss)
  • with a body containing the above Title/date in a more user friendly version.

So, if I’m planning, for instance to read something on the iPad (Safari, etc.) that may require note taking of some fashion I have that app and Agenda open in Split view and use Drop & Drag. There are many options available with the Zettel/Note already created. I also use the Nebo app open on my iPad while taking notes on a paper book or magazine article. When I’m done I can use the current Share feature to move the Nebo Note(s) into the already created Zettel/Note or use the Shortcut to create another Zettel/Note. The options are not limited.

Note that you can share to a new note (scroll to bottom of list after choosing the project), and can also even create a new project (which defaults to making a new note).

Hope that helps?

Certainly a robust Shortcut could do a lot of these things too.



Right…but…is there a method for auto-date/time Title entry of User choice?

No, that’d be shortcut territory. I just wanted to clarify the bit about new notes.

Ok…that’s what I thought…thanks.

Thanks for comments pointing out this is actually a feature - I didn’t scroll far enough! I was assuming there’d be a + in view if it was an option.

Ok! I’ve got pretty close to the ideal solution without resorting to a Shortcut:

  • In browser:
    — copy the Title of the article
  • In Share extension
    — navigate to the target project
    — create new note
    — click Insert, putting the link in the body of the note
    — click in the Title of the note and Paste

I now have a new note with the title of the article as the title of the note, and the link to the article in the body. I can add author and date later when I process the Note.


(I might wrestle with Shortcuts on a rainy day!)

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Yes…I think I’ve seen threads that express a desire to have the New Note (+) at the top of the list rather than at the bottom. FWIW, I vote for the top with the remainder of the list ordered by newest to oldest.