Sharing my Apple Shortcut for my Daily Note Template with daily quotes

Hey there! I have been using this daily note template for a while now and I figured I would share the shortcut with you all in case anyone else finds it nice to use. It can be set up to automatically run every morning giving you your daily note with a few extra quotes for the day.

Here is an example of the output!


Noteplan has the Journal section as part of one of their templates. I used to use it every day and missed it when I switched to Agenda. Thanks for sharing!

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that is exactly were i got it from! i missed it and just knew there had to be a way to recreate it!

the api’s that i used in the shortcut are the same ones used in noteplan too but you can tweak them if you like!

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Is there a way to define in which Category and Project the note should be created? Right now, it asks each time I run the Shortcut where I want the note to be created. I’d love to just set that in the Shortcut so I can set this up to run automatically each morning before I wake up, so it’s just there waiting for me each day.

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That is a great question!

If you use this new link, it should ask you for the desired location.

Let me know if you have any trouble with it!

Nice, Thanks for sharing!

For me the location not showing, but maybe it’s on my end, not sure.

Interesting! Can you take a screenshot of the end of the shortcut? The last action–it should look something like this.

I use on an iPhone…

Thank you for the screenshots!

At the top, it looks like it is set up to name the note “Accomplishments” and place it in the “2024 Journal” project.

With the shortcut, you don’t need to select a category; it just displays all projects across all categories available. So if you select the “2024 journal,” you should be able to select any of your projects to move it to if you decide to update it later.

Also, pro tip: you can create a daily automation to have shortcuts run daily in the morning to create the note at whatever time you want it created every morning so it is ready to edit when you are.

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Thank you for sharing @nekoskyler ! I made a small tweak to your shortcut that I’d like to share with the community. The task list for the day is pulled from Things 3 under the # Daily Tasks heading.


That’s awesome! thanks for sharing it!

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