Sharing extension - Sharing a note from Agenda

Is there a way to use the shating extension to share a note from inside Agenda. I like to send my notes to colleagues following a meeting

You can share your notes via the Share menu:

Thanks for the response, , but maybe I didn’t explained myself correctly, I am wondering if there is a way to share a note that has been created in Agenda using the sharing extension or any other method… I take my meeting notes in Agenda, when the meeting is over, I want an easy way to share them out.

Yes, the „Share" menu does exactly this. There you can decide to send a selected note by mail (e.g. PDF or Markdown) or AirDrop.

thanks so much, i was looking for a regular apple share icon and didn’t think to look at the menus :wink:

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Is the a way, when sharing a note from the share menu in the Mac OS app to have it use a specific email client? Right now it opens gmail in a new tab in chrome which is not helpful in my workflow.

What is your default app for receiving and sending mails?
Normally the function to share a note by mail opens the default mail app, by default it is the Apple Mail app. You can define the app in the preference window of the Apple Mail app - have a look at the attached picture. I am sorry, it is in German, but I am sure you understand what I mean.
If you want to use e.g. Apple Mail then you have to choose in the pulldown menu.
But normally only apps listed in the menu and not a link to a web browser opening the Gmail page.

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