Sharing between calendar dates

One of my Agenda uses is as a journal for personal and and professional daily floow-up.

Despite I can export/share notes (one by one), I’d be nice to fave a feature for exporting/sahring in one only document (pdf, email, …) all notes between a given period. These notes could be filtered also by project, by tag, by person and by “has/hasn’t an assignewd date”.

For example: exporting in pdf all #ScrumPlanning notes of July not assigned to a date where @MrIvan appears.

You can do this to a large extend already using the date filter next to the search field when you click the loupe icon at the top of the middle pane. You can filter on date and on say a certain tag at the same time as well. When you then choose File > Export As > PDF you get a PDF file with only the notes that match your query.

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