Shared Projects and Categories

It would be massively helpful if you could share an entire project (or even category or sub-category) with others. I co-manage a team, and we would like to have shared 1:1 notes in a single project, but it’s a pain to have to share each new note individually.

Will this ever be implemented? And if so, how soon do you think it will be based on other priorities? Thank you!


This is something we hear sometimes. I think project level sharing is something we could consider in future. It’s a question of priorities, so I can’t give a time line, or even guarantee that we will do it. I can say we are aware of it, and considering this.

Thanks for the feedback!


I’d like to add a plus one to the request for this feature. Would be extremely useful.



Got it. Thanks!

Add me also please. And my two assistants who I need to share with.

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I just stopped using another app to use agenda. Because of the sharing possibilities. Just to find out that it’s only possible to share single notes. Still possible but sharing a project should be mandatory. Please please add this to the features.

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any updates on this topic? I’d like to share an entire category or project with a team to collaborate

Sorry, not at this point. We are working on major projects to do with search and collapsing of note sections. This collaboration feature is still in our roadmap.

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Hi! We have just decided to try to move our work space from Notion to Agenda. Notion is just way ”too much” for us, both work wise as it requires so much database administration, and cost wise, as we use only a fragment of it. We are really thrilled to use an app that has a more calendar focused approach, as we have really been needing the connection between notes, tasks and calendar in one app. :clap:

I just want to add my +1 to the sharing of projects or whole categories. Our company consists of 2 mutually independent consultants, sharing 1 assistant. We would really benefit from being able to quickly share a whole project, or ALL work category projects, with our assistant.

The tedious work of sharing all individual notes with her is the one thing that might make Agenda not work for us, as opposed to Notion, where we both share our respective workspace with her, so that all work in our projects is being documented in our 2 respective workspaces, no matter if its us or our assistant doing the work and without us having to actively share anything after the first invitation to the workspace 3 years ago.

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Thanks for the feedback! We definitely see some demand for this, and will try to add it in a future version.