Share to Reminders

I’m sure I’ve read something here about sending notes to reminders using the share menu. But when I try it, Reminders isn’t on the list of destinations.

Did I imagine this?

I do see Reminders in my Share, when a note is selected. Check your selection, and also go into System Preferences > Extensions > Share Menu and check it is active.

Ah! I was trying to share in iOS. I see it on my Mac, but not on ipad or iPhone.

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Is it possible in iOS?

I tried to share the note text using Share…, but don’t see Reminders as an option. So I guess it doesn’t work on iOS at this point.

I’m hoping when you guys do release a Share TO Reminders (or Calendar) that only the Title is shared to the entry with a link back to the Agenda Note!

Any direct integration with Reminders is likely to be at the level of paragraph. Eg. You would create a reminder from a single check list item.


This makes perfect sense and I’m really looking forward to this. A link from the reminder back to the Agenda note would make Agenda and Reminders a powerful combination. A link that jumped to the relevant paragraph would be awesome!

+1 for Reminders integration

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