Share/send E-Mail from Apple Mail to Agenda does not work

I wanted to send/share a mail from from Apple-Mail to Agenda.
So I selected the mail, then „Dienste“ (see pic) -> „Send to Agenda …“. Nothing happens.
Any ideas? Probably I do not see the forest because of the trees.

Bildschirmfoto 2020-10-30 um 09.44.59


Let me check…

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I have the same issue.

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Just checked - Same issue here also for me…

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Bad news alas. Whereas on 10.14 if you select an email in the email column and use the Share to Agenda option, we nicely get the content of the email from Mail, this no longer works on either macOS 10.15 and macOS11, we get zip, nada.

What does work is if you select the text of the email, and then select Share to Agenda.

We’ll file a bug report with Apple, but I won’t keep my hopes up too high given the number of open items we have with them in the calendar space :frowning:

Update: Filed as FB8878012: Services no longer work with selected emails

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Strange, strange.
I never understood how it works, this „Share“-functions from Apple Mail. Even creating a Reminder does not work. Has it ever been possible do select a Mail and create a Reminder from this Mail?
Well, I think it is a classical feature by Apple …