Share option not available in macOS

Odd: there is no option to enable Agenda sharing in macOS’s Extensions prefs pane. I rebooted the computer, still no sharing option. Any thoughts?
Catalina v. 10.15.4
Agenda v 10.0.01 (127)

Odd. I definitely see it in my copy.

Is Agenda in the Applications folder? How did you install it? Mac App Store?

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Yes, via the App Store. But I’m revisiting Agenda after a hiatus. I’d deleted the app, then reinstalled it from the App store, so perhaps there’s a hangup in Prefs. I’ll try a complete uninstal-reinstal and see if it shakes out the bug.

Ok, let us know!

So: I’ve deleted Agenda and all its support files and reinstalled, checked security settings, repaired the disk … and I still can’t get the Agenda share extension to show up.

Ideas appreciated …

Hi Matt,

Apologies for only coming back to this now, did you resolve the issue with the missing sharing extension in the mean time?

No luck. It’s a work computer, but the IT department doesn’t interfere with extension installation, and couldn’t find any problems with my setup. The machine blocked the Tot extension as well.

Think I’ll wait till the Big Sur update: hopefully that fixes things.

This does sound that either they do interfere with installing sharing extensions, or that there is something misconfigured on your machine. Let’s indeed hope Big Sur fixes things for you.

just fyi - My corporate mac has been locked down by policy. Meaning, I copied the over from the backup into a local-user/applications folder. The app works.
Clicking Agenda -> Enable Sharing Extenxions… brings up Sharing Preferences without Agenda listed under ‘all’.
Is there a way to get it back into that list?

I’m afraid that if your corporate Mac has been locked down it will very likely also don’t allow the activation of extensions, including the Agenda sharing extension :frowning: