Share note with Spark 3 on Mac Desktop

What I did:i tried to share a note using Spark 3 on Mac

What happened:Spark open a new mail with the same object of the note title but the text is not copied on the text note. This happene with all the choises given from the sharing menu in agenda (PDF, RTF, Markdown, etc…)

What I expected: the complete formatted not on the text

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):

Agenda Version: 18
MAC OS Ventura: 13.5

thank you


We are dependent on Spark for this. Agenda sends the text over, but what Spark does with it is up to them. You might be better contacting them about it.

You can test the Agenda sharing with other apps (eg Apple Notes, Mail), and see if it is working there. You probably want to use the Rich Text option.

Kind regards,

Ok thank you