Share note/project as browser openable web link

Having use Agenda for both my work and personal life, I have came across multiple instances where I have needed to share my notes with others (none of which are Agenda users) for reference or for them to view temporarily.

Right now, I have always been needing to download the file in order to share it. These notes would also not auto-update if anything were to be changed.

Would be great if I can just share them a link that they can open right from their browser instead of exporting it.

This is a huge feature that I have really missed from my time using Upnote. Would be amazing if something similar could be implemented :sob:🫶🏻

Thanks for the feedback!

Yes, a web app in some form would be nice, but also a lot more work for us, as Agenda is 100% native to the devices it runs on. It would mean writing a whole new app for the web.

We certainly have this in our sights, and will see what we can do in future.

Thanks for the reply! Yea I totally understand the complexity of creating a totally seperate app.

I honestly would not mind the most barebones of landing pages just for non-native Agenda users to view the notes - not even editable.

But thanks again for taking the idea into consideration!

I think exposing notes for viewing only would probably be a reasonable first step. We’ll see what we can do.

Thanks for the feedback!

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