‘’Share as” RTF fails to work in Outlook for the Mac

If I select an Agenda and say “Share” an RTF file it fails to import into the email message and the email is blank. However if I take the same aggenda item and say share via “mail” (i.e. the Apple Program) there are no issues. For those of us who have to work in the Outlook world this is fast making Agenda a non-starter. On a side note if I “select all” and copy, cut, paste, into an Outlook email I don’t have this problem, but what a pain, especially if there are multiple Agenda items.
I can Share from Agenda to Outlook as Plain Text but then all the formatting is lost, so that’s kind of pointless as well.

I’m afraid there seems to be some issues with Outlook. Others have reported that if there is a & in the note, that it gets truncated. Is that happening here?

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