Settings and Community obscured when using mini soft keyboard

As shown!

Is this in Stagemanager or normal mode?

Normal mode.

Also, when the ipad is in portrait mode, the right most icon of the tool bar is almost cut off - I’ve got a large screen Pro, don’t know if more is cut off in smaller screens. It would be good if the tool bar could be slid to the left or right in that case.

Incidentally, I find the mini soft keyboard really useful to see more of my notes, especially with the new multiple windows feature!

I believe it should allow you to do this already?

Ah! It does, but with the mini keyboard, the tool bar is right on the bottom of the screen and it’s difficult to select the tool bar, rather than swiping the entire app to left or right.

Now I know it’s possible, I can do it!

Perhaps if the settings and community buttons were in the toolbar, rather than behind it?

The simple solution is to just dismiss the keyboard in this case (deselect the note), it’s quite rare (relatively speaking) that you open the preferences/community so we don’t feel it makes sense to make it much more prominently present.

Fair enough!

I’ve actually discovered just now that if you open and close the right hand side bar, it also closes the keyboard and makes those icons visible.

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