Setting month as date & collapsing / expanding preformatted text

first of all Agenda is a fantastic app. Thanks for developing it :pray:

I use or should I say abuse (since it’s probably not the way I should use it :sweat_smile:) Agenda to keep my app changelogs and some code snippets.

For me it would be helpful if I could…

a) set a month as date
(instead of a specific day)

b) collapse / expand preformatted text
(handy when it’s a lot of text in a note and you have a lot of notes in a category)

Example: copy the source code of your main website and paste it in a new note, then change it to preformatted text. Do this with 5 notes and then try to scroll in a category. Not fun :slight_smile:


Update: Just realized that using preformatted text changes my text :face_exhaling: so I better don’t use it for my snippets anymore. I thought it was meant for displaying the text in monospace only :zipper_mouth_face:

We don’t have that, but you can set a range of dates. So you could select all the days in the month.

We would like to allow collapsing sections in future.

If you have a lot of code, and it doesn’t work well in Agenda, you could consider simply pasting into a text document, and dragging that into Agenda. That document takes up little space, but you can quicklook it, and even edit it, with saves going back automatically to Agenda.

In what way? Can you explain how it changes? Maybe we can fix that.

Kind regards,

Hi Drew!

Setting a range may already help.
(didn’t know it was possible, thank you)

Regarding collapsing: I thought about using a file but then it’s so much more comfortable to just copy and paste everything from / to Agenda. (highlight code > create a text file > paste it > “attach” it to Agenda VS. quick copy and paste to Agenda. If collapsing may come in the future it’s enough for me, then I could wait.

Preformatted text: Here is an example. Maybe I am just doing it wrong?

<div class="whatever"><a href="/file/image" target="_blank"><img src="/file/image"/></a></div> 

**Lorem ipsum** dolor sit amet, [consectetur]( adipiscing elit. Mauris aliquam odio ipsum, at fermentum nisi pulvinar et. Aliquam rutrum rutrum lectus non maximus. 

When you copy it and paste to Agenda (and then select preformatted text it will alter the text (it removes the **). I now get why it is this way. As soon as I paste it, it will display the copied markdown as markdown, so it removes the **. Maybe this action could be reverted as soon as one changes it to preformatted text if the app remembers it? Or just some extra formatting like here in the forum (could even be without syntax highlighting).

I know of 3x ` but it’s not really a solution for me personally the current way.


3x `
I paste the code
then again 3x ´

The following text in the note remains same as the “code” text.

Update: Clicking twice on the title collapses the note, only found out by accident now. :clap: :clap: :clap:

Regarding the pasting, if you indeed first paste the “damage” or conversion is already done, try first selection preformatted as the paragraph style in the format menu, and then paste the code, that should keep the text as is.