Set note date using string/text

Would be great if we can set the note date using string/text instead of only date picker

Currently Cmd+Shift+D allows you to pick the date, perhaps we can include a textbox in the date picker so user can just type the date. This will be much more efficient than using date picker (espeically if the date is way in the past - ie. 2-3 years ago)

Good news, a few releases back we introduced exactly this feature already, simply click the date in the right half of the calendar popover and you can enter both absolute (1-10-2018) and relative (next week) dates:

@mekentosj that’s great! A minor improvement would be to use keyboard shortcut to allow typing of the date. Cmd+Shift+D allows us to launch the date picker but in order to choose the date or type the date we still have to use the mouse :slight_smile:

Good point, will think about that.

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