Set calendar in the sidebar to show events for the whole week


I may be wrong (this may be in the pro version but I haven’t been able to buy it yet bc my credit card company hates me) but I don’t think there’s a way to make the calendar in the right sidebar show the events for the whole week by default.

I use that bar a lot to check the events I have in the week but it’s tiresome having to click on it and selecting “this week” every time.

If anyone knows whether that’s possible i’d be glad :grin:.

The calendar is not a general widget that shows your events for the day or week. Instead, it follows the currently selected note. If the date for the current note you are working on is next Friday, the calendar shows you the date for next Friday, and the related notes show you notes related to what you are working on. In other words, the whole right panel is relevant to what you are currently doing, and updates with it.

If you have a note that has this weeks date range, you will see the events for this week.

If there is no selection at all, then it will show today’s events, but that is more a fallback that the norm.

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That’s a really nice way to use it, I had never thought about it that way.

I was trying to use it to see my upcoming week events (just like Outlook does) so I could have a peek of what I have for the rest of the week before starting a new project, so I don’t end up overlapping two activities.

Thanks for the reply!

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I use the calendar side bar to find upcoming events so I can create a note for the event. It’s a bit frustrating having to click ‘done’ after having selected ‘next 10 days’. Could a double click on ‘next 10 days’ do the same thing?

Could a double click on ‘next 10 days’ do the same thing?

Good idea, I’ve added this, will be in the next update.