Set arbitrary date with keyboard

I have some old notes just hanging around in Markdown files. I’m trying to move them to Agenda, but finding it pretty tedious to add their dates. E.g., I have notes of meetings with students from 3 years ago. From what I can tell, this requires me to mouse click to open the date setting panel, then mouse click many many times to get back to March 2015. Would love to just type in that panel a date and have that suffice instead of mouse clicking.

Even better: would love to import a file with Markdown headers and have the import grab the dates automatically:


## Meeting 2015-03-05
Description of meeting

## Meeting 2016-02-10
Description of Meeting

Would become two notes with the dates auto-populated.

Thanks for considering—I know there’s a lot on your plate. But maybe a feature like this would make it easier / more likley for people to dive into the app

If you have a date in the title Agenda grabs that and link it to that day. So the question is only how to import your notes in an efficient way.

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I tried to do this by creating a new note with a title like, “Test March 1, 2016”, but that didn’t work. I tried various date formats, too, and still no go.

I occasionally want to back date a new note and it would be handy to do something like this. Can you tell me how?


I was able to get this to work with the following:

  1. create new note (or import new file) with date in title (or file name) in this form: 2017-04-05
  2. Click the calendar button to bring up the date picker
  3. Choose “assign date” or link to calendar entry (calendar is already set for the date from the title)

So, perhaps the developers could make this process a bit more efficient, so that it wasn’t necessary to click on the calendar and the “assign date” button with the mouse. Perhaps a keyboard shortcut that automatically assigned the date based on the title.


I now see it’s possible to bring up the date panel with CMD-Shift-D keyboard shortcut. Then you can press “return” to assign the date grabbed in the title. This is pretty good. Still … could be nice to select a range of notes and have the date auto-assigned based on the title. Or to be able to type the date after bringing up the date picker.

On my iPhone, I just wrote the date plus som text, tapped the calendar icon and Assign date.

Ok, I got it working now after messing around a bit. I had had the preference turned on that tells it to assign new notes to today. I had to turn that off before this would work. I guess that half makes sense, but it isn’t obvious.

Now that I know, I’ll be able to take advantage of this. There are times it will be very handy.


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Note that you can double click a date to do this in one go.

Yes, but only if you can see the date! I was getting creative and adding some historic notes and wanted to assign dates for about 4-5 years ago. The only way I could do that was to keep clicking the arrow thing that goes back one month, and it could take a while to get there. I couldn’t figure any way around this either. I thought of duplicating another note with a similar date and format, but you can’t duplicate a note either (not that I’ve wanted to any other time).

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