Service for SparkMail

It would be fantastic if Agenda could be a Service for SparkMail - so that we could easily link an email to an Agenda note - this would massively speed up workflow.

I could then create Notes for key emails and archive the email (SparkMail creates links for emails, so would link back to the email from the Agenda Note). I could work in the Note, and if I needed to return to the email, I could.


You might find my workaround for this issue useful.

It might just be my ignorance, but I haven’t managed to drag an email from spark into any other app or onto the desktop. I suspect that it is only possible to drag between Redler apps, but I haven’t verified it yet.

Hmmm. Must ask my wife who uses Spark. Just wondering when are you able to make use of the email link you mention? How is that handled?

The link makes your email accessible on the web, sort of like having a link for a google doc.

This is for me the best feature of Spark email. They have their own server and you can have access to the content on one email or an entire thread with attachments included only using the link you can create for each Spark message and paste it inside a Note in Agenda.

Goodness, I had no idea.

Any security boffins out there with opinions on this? So presumably there’s reasons that the email application would have its own server, I mean hosting duplicates for all those other services, what kind of volume must they have? There are features that hosting might support. But noting that Spark is free has me hesitate. Hmmm.

Readdle make excellent apps, I own nearly all of them, but I’d want to know more about where they host and how they secure. And then I’d like to hear how their Spark line is profitable.

Sorry, wandered off Agenda integration. Apologies.

I’m too paranoid to make serious use of the weblinks. I’d much prefer local links for something as sensitive as email, which is why I don’t use the Spark links in Agenda. I do love the features of Spark, especially the built in scheduled sending options and templates. I think Gmail has made strides since I stopped using it, but I’m quite happy with Spark, apart from the linking issue.

Yes, concerns about security with Spark are very much appropriated, I agree with that. However, I think with local links you risk one day they are removed and you loose your stuff, so when you need to look back at it you could have lost a substantial part of the workflow. That’s why I don’t link so much with the files inside my computer, because once I change it the links are gone. The problems with the clouds in general is that no company can really guarantee the continuity of the service for years to come, included very stable companies like Apple, because the needs and the offers of the market can change and because digital technology change very fast either. This is a problem we all know very well.
The importance of using links to a cloud comes for me from the possibility to have a lot of stuff easily reachable at the same time making the workflow more functional.
Honestly I use more Airmail than Spark, but Airmail is so full of bugs that sometimes doesn’t work very well, especially for the use of links. That’s why I use a lot, for this feature, Spark.

I’m guessing by your question that you only use Agenda on Mac. If you use it on an iPad you might find it easier to do what you want on the iPad, where we have split screen and drag and drop.

I use both Spark and Apple Mail the above is flawless with Apple Mail and I then archive the email like you suggest.

I won’t patronise anybody with an example, but happy to do so if needed.

@denisrafter — Are you implying that it is possible to drag and drop with Spark in iOS too? I’d love this, but I can’t seem to make it work.

I use Spark, but have never tried drag and drop since I discovered it’s been available in default email app on iPad. The drag and drop is a huge feature for my workflow and thus I use Mail app mostly on iPad and turn to Spark second for some unique features like co-writing messages with team members.

@michaelbrooksjohnson sorry forgot to add you to my 1st reply Michael

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Hello, I had the same question about Spark and Agenda. Reading your answer, I have some questions. I tried to drag an email to the desktop (Mac version)… impossible. Is there a trick?
Also, Spark can export an email to Reminders by services. Then, it create an internal link. I can copy this link to Agenda and it works. It is not a web link. You understand, it’s a long workaround.
But… we are waiting for a new version of Agenda integrating Reminders!!! Is someone test it? With a link from Spark? If not, I think I will go to the beta tester program…

I see what you mean, @yvan.bolduc. Thanks for the workaround—it is really helpful to be able to get a non-weblink out of Spark.

I’m beta testing but at first glance I don’t see a quick way to get a Spark link into Agenda through the Reminders integration. I might be misunderstanding what you’re suggesting.

I use the get link option and then create a link in the Agenda note - it would be nicer to have the service option which I use with Things regularly

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I don’t know the story (behaviour) of the integration of Agenda and Spark. So, it’s difficult for me to see what I suggest ;-)! I will sign to the Beta program. It will be easier to discuss about that after.

@michaelbrooksjohnson With the beta version, I cannot found a better way to link a Spark mail to Agenda. The process is in Spark, I create a Reminder with a link on Spark mail. Once in Agenda, I cannot link the reminder to a note. I only can create a new reminder… It misses something. I see the Reminder on Right panel at the due date and hour and I can modify it but I cannot link this reminder to a note. I think, it will be a good idea…

I would like to see this feature added as well