Seredipitous note surfacing

I’ve been building up quite a nice collection of notes in the past few weeks (using the Building a Second Brain framework. The folder structure works really well, ’search’ too, but I’d also love to be reminded of my notes serendipitously from time to time.

Any chance you might build a small function that would randomly pick one note from my entire collection and email it to me? Once a day perhaps? Thanks!

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It’s tricky for us to do things like that, because the number of people wanting this feature is likely very small. We have to keep focussed on features we know a lot of people are waiting for.

What I recommend is using Apple’s Shortcuts for this. I think it would be possible to make a shortcut to do this. It would choose a random note, and email a link to the note to you.

I was just talking to @heyscottyj, and he was asking if there are shortcuts people would be interested in having. This might be a good candidate. @heyscottyj?

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I would love to do this, but it would require being able to get UUIDs/indentifiers of notes in order to randomly choose one to open - I don’t think that is yet possible?

If notes have predictable titles, like dates named or formatted a particular way, then maybe that could be used, but that would be pretty specific to each user’s needs.

@user1830, happy to try to take a shot at your use case if titles could be known or predicted outside of reading from Agenda directly?


Hmm, I see what you mean. I don’t think we have such a “give me all the projects” or “give me all the notes” yet for security reasons. Until we can be sure no other app or web site can steal your data, we don’t want to open this up. But it is something which would be good to do with the right measures in place.

I guess in the meantime, if someone could provide a list of the titles they want to randomly move between, maybe something could be made to work.

Alternatively, perhaps the user could export the notes in some format, and the script could skim the export to extract the titles, and use those. Round about, but maybe could work.

For me, it could be fun rather than particularly useful!

Perhaps another approach would be a shortcut to show all notes with a random date?