Send an e-mail to Agenda

I have been using MS OneNote for a long time. When I saw Agenda I realized at once I had to change over. Many features I have missed. But there is one issue I miss in Agenda. The possibility to send an e-mail over to Agenda som a new Note. My workflow comes very often from e-mails I have to act on and it would be fantastic to be able to use this in Agenda. OneNote has this function and I use it daily.

I have made a shortcut that picks the text of the message after copying to the clipboard but it doesn’t get all the details. Maybe someone has managed to solve that also?

And of course, I hope together with many others to see Agenda fow Windows. Even if I love your program, I don’t love it enough to change my Windows for a Mac…

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Try this:

Select the text of the email you want to save and run this shortcut from the share sheet. It will create a note and use the first few words as the title. It saves the notes in a project called snippets…you may want to change that.


Thank you, this is helpful. I’m experimenting on how to send other variables to Agenda, as sender, message date, etc. This is fun.

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