Selection bar intelligence

When making selections with the keyboard (i.e., shift + arrows), it would be helpful for the view to scroll to follow the selection bar that is moving. For example, currently, if you shift + down to select lines, you will eventually run off the screen and not be able to see how far you are selecting

Thanks for the feedback, we’ll have a look.

I guess you mean when the selection becomes bigger than the screen height, right?

The difficulty is that at that point our algorithm doesn’t know which part of the “selection” to show. We will need a more sophisticated approach that keeps track of how the selection changed. Will look into it.

That’s mostly right. However, if you start a selection near the bottom of the screen and shift-select downward past the edge, it won’t follow the moving selection bar, even if the overall selection is smaller vertically than the screen height. Does that make sense?



Hmm, that should certainly work. We will investigate.