Selecting an arrow button on the keyboard selects the entire note

What I did: Started creating a note, and I tried to use the arrow key on my keyboard.

What happened: The entire note becomes highlighted, and I cannot type in the note. (Picture attached) If I keep selecting the arrow buttons, the selection moves from one part of the note to the other if I stop doing anything, it will go back to normal after a minute or so.

What I expected: I expected the arrow to only move the cursor around on the text, not move the selection to the entire note.

This only started recently.

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc.):
Agenda version 16.1 (261) Beta.
Mac OS Ventura 16.1
Mac Mini M1

I had something similar once. It turned out there was something touching the trackpad, creating another “selection” somehow.

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The border around the note is quite odd, it looks like you might have accidentally activated an accessibility feature like Voice Over or Voice Control?

Thank you for the response. I have looked in my settings and neither of these items are currently turned on.

I will look through some of the other functions in the settings on my Mac and see if there might be something else i have accidently turned on.


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It would seem that the issue has now resolved itself. The only thing that changed was an update to my Mac mini’s software.

Thank you for your assistance. I really like Aganda and look forward to using it every day. It has some excellent capabilities that I really like.

Thank you again for your assistance.

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Ah glad to hear it was resolved, very odd indeed!